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Re: Crap

Postby bob turner » Tue Mar 23, 2021 7:24 pm

Not me, quite yet. Although I agree with Martin, trains would be more fun, I need to insist:
I have great respect for Sarge's opinions. My opinions may diverge (doorstop nut here) but that does not mean I am disparaging Sarge's. If anything I posted comes across as overly critical, I will take it back with an apology.

I assert myself, but try not to disparage others. Check out my sparse comments in the lounge - I am horrified by some of the stuff posted there, and am tempted to call some of them out, but I resist. They will continue no matter what. My saying their opinions are based on seriously deficient study would just piss them off.

Now, how about making Martin's day and posting some train photos?

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