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Postby Seaboard Air Line Fan » Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:38 am

Most of the posts I've seen lately deal with items on Ebay...which there is a sub-forum to discuss things of this nature.

Doorstops hold no interest for me so I tend not to read/comment on every topic.

Some days the posting here is fast and furious, but most days it's at a pace that could probably be put into 2 sub-forums:

Model Trains
Off Topic

OGR is too fluid, posts are all over the place and move off the front page very quickly. I also belong to a Ruger Gun Forum which has many sub-forums (for each type of firearm). There's many posts there too, but they tend to stick to the subject, and a whole lot more polite than any model train forum I've been on (I wonder why that is :wink: ).
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