eBay selling advice?

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Re: eBay selling advice?

Postby E7 » Mon Apr 05, 2021 12:21 am

bob turner wrote:I like to wander around at OSW - not sell stuff.

If you know someone with a table who will allow you space, put a price on it and a "Do Not Handle" sign in front of it. Wear a bright colored shirt so the table owner can spot you and call you to the table if someone shows interest.

I would test it to make sure it runs, and try and figure out what road/roads owned it. Sometimes that is on the box. There is also a book done by Brian Marsh "Overland the 1st 10 years" that identifies OMI production for that period. You could also try E-mailing Brian and give the number on the box.


If you know what road/roads owned it, and if it runs, you will get more.

If you put it on Feebay you'll need a lot of good pics and the same information. Nobody wants a pig in a poke.

If you sell it at a show there is no packing. They hand you the money, you hand them the model.
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Re: eBay selling advice?

Postby Rufus T. Firefly » Mon Apr 05, 2021 4:07 pm

bob turner wrote:I have been trying to make OSW for a while. They hold it on Memorial Day weekend, so my favorite drive sounds more like a nightmare. Got the airplane all gassed up two years ago, then got a head cold.

I like to wander around at OSW - not sell stuff.

Probably not relevant now - pretty sure OSW is postponed until 2022
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Re: eBay selling advice?

Postby Chris Webster » Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:41 am

bob turner wrote:It is bare brass, wrapped in factory Saran-Wrap. I want a minimum of $600, and if I put it on eBay I will probably start there. I have a poor feel for the value of these things.
Based upon your description, I believe it would sell for over $1000 if it were being sold by one of the very reputable O-scale brass dealers. There are a handful of them on ebay -- they take excellent photos and have great feedback, which means their past customers are willing to bid stuff up because they know they're not going to get stiffed and they're not going to end up wasting their time with the ebay return process.

E7 wrote:First thing to consider is the cost to ship the thing from CA to FL. After that, their commission is 25%. Another little tidbit: If the buyer chooses the layaway plan AFAIK your payment is delayed until the buyer pays off the item.

Ebay's commissions are 13% per an upthread post.... if you pay 12% more in commissions to brasstrains then you don't have to deal with the buyer or the ebay selling process (writing a listing, taking a dozen photos, etc.)

If Brasstrains can sell it for $1200 while you could only get $750 for it on ebay, then it is obviously worth having them sell it for you.

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