I like it...but....

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Carey Williams
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Re: I like it...but....

Postby Carey Williams » Tue Oct 27, 2020 2:11 pm

Hello all ..this came out of Douglas Shankel's collection ...huge collection of HO, OO and O scale ... lots and lots of vintage stuff 30's -80's .....12 hay rack full... fast and furious auction .... you raise your hand and end up with a whole pile of stuff very quickly .... some keepers some not so much .. I've been listing many items from the auction ... as you had to buy groupings of stuff ...sort the seeds from the stems ....the O scale prizes of the day were a Lobaugh prewar Northern ..and the ScaleCraft Nickle finish Mountain ( like the Hudson shown in the SC catalog )

This engine is a All Nation creation . so post the period I really collect (pre 1954 ) ..... one only has so much wall space ..so neat but not a keeper ... it has been barely run . It was in the catalog for a while ..but one does not find very many of them put together in one piece ..

It's a universal motor fairly bullet proof ..let the new owner have the trill of running volts into it .

Cheers Carey

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