What the heck is this, home made or kit bashed???

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Dennis Holler
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What the heck is this, home made or kit bashed???

Postby Dennis Holler » Thu Oct 08, 2020 1:09 pm

Yes, I bought it, not sure why although the drivers look ok lol. Looks like it is for a 2-8-0. I have it in my hands now, but it's easier to just post a link to the auction pictures since I am a duntz with photo posting sites. First second, and fourth axles are sprung via the underside leaf's, kind of interesting. It looks like the frame is two identical castings that are joined by soldering spacers between. The worm shaft base looks to be a casting and the faux spring hangers look to be part of the side frame's The drivers are insulated for two rail.... I realize it could be completely home made and that's alright too, just curious if it's attributes ring with anybody here... lol

https://www.ebay.com/itm/LoBaugh-Locomo ... true&rt=nc
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bob turner
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Re: What the heck is this, home made or kit bashed???

Postby bob turner » Thu Oct 08, 2020 1:48 pm

Maroon sent me one like that. I converted it to an SE-4. At risk of repeating myself, the drivers had to come off, and a cutoff bit had to be set to "skinny up" the tires, after which, while watching cable news, I wore out a couple Swiss files opening up the spoke area. Turned out ok, although not nearly as attractive as, say, genuine Lobaugh drivers. The fact that there were two of these indicates that maybe it was part of a poorly machined kit.

As to the comment - the photos do not indicate that any true skill was involved, beyond knowing the basics of how to use a lathe, and maybe a mill.

I don't have "before and after" - but we can use your "before" to compare with my "after." You can still see where my needle files decided it was a lost cause:


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