This should be of interest to this group......

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bob turner
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Re: This should be of interest to this group......

Postby bob turner » Tue Oct 06, 2020 8:51 pm

Me too - and Starrett. Difficult to keep all of them shiny. I even keep a micrometer next to my logbook at the airport.

Not really related to this thread, but I found this Hines Mike photo a couple minutes ago, and decided to share. Of course no self-respecting hayseed tender would find itself behind a USRA Mike, but somehow . . .
Boiler from Maroon, tender destined for an SP Mike or Deck, mechanism escaped from a Lobaugh Berkshire - and no I cannot remember if I test-ran it. Probably, since it is all set up inside with gears and motor.


Time now to do the dishes, then go find my GS-1 project. I think it is time for more big steam around here.

Dennis Holler
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Re: This should be of interest to this group......

Postby Dennis Holler » Tue Oct 06, 2020 9:02 pm

Measured with a Starrett 577P 1" round anvil micrometer new in the box, two Thomas single dome shells, one Brass and the other tin, both .016". Also measured the brass smoke box tube on one of my Scale craft SP 4-8-2's since it was in pieces and it was .031" thick.

Man, I've got a bunch of stray parts I need to take photos of and see if you guys can identify too lol.

I got lucky on that box of Athearn box car parts and Scale craft Hudson assembly prints I mentioned on the other forum, they showed up and I found about 85% of a Hudson valve gear set plus all the stanchions, class lights and a few other specific detail parts my Hudson was missing so super stoked about that, plus there were five hudson prints in the lot not just the three he had photo's of. Also ended up with about a dozen sets of model shop ice hatches and some Walthers pullman vestibules so lots of parts, I'm happy with a big box of good quality junk lol
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